Photo by Emilie Pereira.

Photo by Emilie Pereira.

Born and raised in England and now based in Los Angeles, Louise is currently working on a Fine Art project studying the relationship between body and mind when in crisis and in calm. She has a particular interest in mental and physical health issues especially PTSD which has strongly impacted her life, as well as all aspects of nature and the animal kingdom which has strongly saved it.

Louise’s works - from her careers as a Lingerie Designer, Artist and Writer in the field of Self-Help have been featured in many publications, including Vogue, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Mademoiselle Robot, Live the Process and Rookie.

She currently has some poems published in the New River Press Yearbook and an ongoing Jewellery Collaboration ‘As above, So below’ with JDL Jewellery.

Louise is currently available for commissions and collaborations.

Please Email: / Instagram: @louiseandrolia